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Mon, 21 Jul 97 18:39:07 -0400


Which is a very apt vehicle for the _finest actress to presently walk the
face of the earth_- Dana Delaney....

Another off-to-the-side (dare I say distaff?) observation- the Japanese
have long had 'monogatori'- the 'women's' story, and we have had the
'soap opera'. There is also a recognized genre here of 'women's films',
(to which Live Nude Girls certainly fits), but which have recently, at
least to these eyes, started to absorb (if not be diluted by), formats
and situations from action/adventure ('men's') films.

Good thing? Bad thing? Who cares thing?

Personally, I have always enjoyed 'women's films'. There is always a
great satisfaction in being presented with another side to a story. This
perhaps is shared, and we are well on our way towards an enlightened and
non sex-biased cinema....

Yeah, right....

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