Re: virus: Something remains missing

Eva-Lise Carlstrom (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 20:16:29 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Michelle Lee Gendvil wrote:

> > This reminds me of something I heard on a comedy show last night,
> (paraphrase), "men make more money then women because they need the extra
> money to take women on dates." Perhaps that is the
> rationalization behind the meme "the man must ask the woman out and he
> must pay for everything on the date" meme (seems a little presumptuous to
> me).

Actually, the idea that women are only making a little extra pocket money,
while men are paying for dates and attempting to establish and support a
family, has been explicitly used to explain actual policies of paying
women less than men. More recently, such arguments, if they are present,
are not boldly made but tacit.

> > I have your respect? How the heck did I manage that? Aren't you some
> kind of high ranking official? *Do tell* why you are graced with the title
> "Professor". That shows an element of studliness right there.
> > I am happy to know we are on "good terms", although I think the previous
> terms were pretty good in their own right. I would like to recommend a
> movie (this is my offering to you as a symbol of mutual
> respect) called, _LIVE NUDE GIRLS_ (got your attention, didn't I?). I
> was watching cable at a
> friend's house last night (which is a rare occurance because I have been
> exceedingly disgusted with cable programming in the past) and I do not
> know why, call it womanly instinct, but we were drawn to this movie. If
> you get the chance to ever see this, and if I have enough of an influence
> on you or anybody to see this *THEN* do me and yourself a favor. Watch it
> all the way through no matter how bad it seems. I promise there is a
> point. That's all I'm going to say. I am asking you to take
> on a large responsibility as representative of the male perspective.
> I could ask one of my fellow classmates. For some reason I don't think
> they'd get it.

Hey, Tim, your high-ranking-officialness--wanna rent a movie?

who spent today accustoming herself to a multi-line phone system while
attempting not to have coughing fits _while talking to customers_, and
thinks she succeeded pretty well all things considered.