Re: virus: Something remains missing

Tim Rhodes (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 22:41:45 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Michelle Lee Gendvil wrote:

> > This reminds me of something I heard on a comedy show last night,
> (paraphrase), "men make more money then women because they need the extra
> money to take women on dates." Perhaps that is the
> rationalization behind the meme "the man must ask the woman out and he
> must pay for everything on the date" meme (seems a little presumptuous to
> me).

Quite. I'll gladly give you the 35 cents/hour if you'll buy dinner.

For, as the Godfather of Soul himself declared, "This is a man's, man's
world. But it wouldn't be nothin' without a woman or a girl!"

> > Well, we all must fit into some very obvious stereotype, right?
> Otherwise, how would people relate to one another? (Do I have to point
> out the sarcasm, I know you're smarter than that Tim, but its amazing
> how many people aren't)

No, I can hear it in your voice. Of course, I would never stoop to using
sarcasm myself.

> > I have your respect? How the heck did I manage that? Aren't you some
> kind of high ranking official? *Do tell* why you are graced with the title
> "Professor". That shows an element of studliness right there.

No, it shows memetics savvy (the studliness is another issue). I don't
have a PhD. It was a nickname bestowed on me by my friends and one I
continue to use here because it seems to highlight peoples un-conscious
"voice-o'-authority" buttons without me having to say a word. (It didn't
seem to work on you though, did it? ;-)

And my respect? Well, you earned it fair and square. And you'll keep it,
as long as you keep putting me in my place when I get uppity and don't
take no shit from no one, girlfriend! Not even me.

> > I am happy to know we are on "good terms", although I think the previous
> terms were pretty good in their own right.

You're a scrappy one, Michelle. I'll give you that.

> I would like to recommend a movie (this is my offering to you as a
> symbol of mutual respect) called, _LIVE NUDE GIRLS_ (got your attention,
> didn't I?).

There's a sign about three blocks from this cafe that flashes the very
same, in brilliant red neon, day and night. Which is good, I guess.
Better that than the dead ones, to be sure.

> If you get the chance to ever see this, and if I have enough of an
> influence on you or anybody to see this *THEN* do me and yourself a
> favor. Watch it all the way through no matter how bad it seems. I
> promise there is a point. That's all I'm going to say. I am asking you
> to take on a large responsibility as representative of the male
> perspective.

I will. Consider me well influenced. I don't have cable, but if it's out
on video I'll track it down and get back to you soon.

> I could ask one of my fellow classmates. For some reason I don't think
> they'd get it.

Where are you in classes at? And studying what?

> I must have missed the questionings of your sexuality.
> So far, I have not sensed any homosexual vibes...

Look out, Wade doesn't like the word "vibes" (I think he may be

> I have to admit I am curious how *that* idea arose.

So was I. Funny the things people will assume.

"Remember, when you assume, you make an `ass' out of `you' and `me'!"
(from an episode of _The Odd Couple_, if memory serves me)

-Prof. Tim