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" a natural consequence of their evil ways (the liar and thief =
the trust of others, and becomes a societal outcast)." (David)

BRETT: The consequences are that
the body, mind and spirit break die ("The wages of sin is =

[Todd Kuipers] sorry, jumped into this thread just now, but found this =
an interesting statement. do you believe this or are you identifying =
this as a the way a believer in Karma and cosmic justice would. It has =
been shown that people love to believe in the existence of intrinsic =
universal justice. If this did exist then, for example, JD Rockefeller =
would not have had the opportunity to kill and destroy with impunity =
when people opposed him and still have the legacy of accomplishment that =
accompanied this ruthlessness. Even if he did come back as a cockroach, =
this would be a hollow victory. Would he realize it? Would those he =
destroyed be influenced to hunt down roaches? sounds a little =


>My view is that Karma is a special kind of Justice[1]. There are at =
>four ways bad things can happen to bad people:
>a) as a natural consequence of their evil ways (the liar and thief =
>the trust of others, and becomes a societal outcast),
>b) as an artificial consequence (the liar and thief is captured, tried,
>and incarcerated),
>c) as a random occurrence (the liar and thief is coincidentally killed =
>a genuine accident),
>d) as a cosmic retribution (the liar and thief dies and comes back as
>a rat).


"a" is a product of your own immaturity..."b" is the same as "a" but on =
larger scale..."c" is wrong--as there is no *random* =
"d" is the obvious answer. =20

[Todd Kuipers] I'd have said that 'a' is natural reaction that occurs =
in almost all biological systems, and 'b' is an athropomorphized =
description of reactions it human society. Again, about 'c', are you =
stating non-randomness from the point of view of a Karmist (?) or that =
_you_ believe that predestination actually exists? I say that =
randomness at a molecular/atomic/smaller level doesn't exist but is =
perceived that way through an inability to track all the possible =
outcomes. Without hard evidence I'd relegate the existence of =
re-incarnation to the fantasy pile.
Get rid of your social delusions so that you can communicate with others =
are more aware than you.
[Todd Kuipers] ouch.

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