Re: virus: Companions

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 23:24:39 -0500

Reed Konsler wrote:
> >There is a shame which binds people together. People prefer to deal with
> >others who are like them. The average person wants someone to cover for
> > deny, project, subjugate, lie, share in power-plays, form cliques,
> >conquer and be conquered; thus, we have government, police, inequality,
> >religion, war, and marriage (to take undesirables out of circulation). The
> >only real requirement for genius is honesty...and there
> >are--statistically--very few geniuses.
> Brett: You are a genius. ;-)
> Really, I think you have presented an observation here which Richard keeps
> hinting at: Don't project your intentions or thinking onto other people...
> especially average people.

<smile> So smooth. I've got a lot to learn about communication. Reed,
you make me look like the rank novice I am. How long did it take to
learn how to do that? And can you teach me?

> On the other hand, lets not leave JQ Public in such a negative light...

I'm been thinking again about that "mother" of a distinction meme: that
most of the population is stupid. Interesting meme.

50% of the population is of below average intelligence.
[obviously :-) ]

And nothing we can do will ever change that.