virus: Tobacco meme's...

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 16:46:42 -0500

Sorry Tony;

I lost your post and my reply in the crash, but I'll do my best to
remember it here...

You said something about the important thing in the killing being to
*make*sure* people know *why* that particular person was killed

I agree. You *must* get that meme out there. The killer cannot count
on the media to spread his/her message. Notes should be left at the
scene of the crime. The criminal should turn him/herself in on the
condition that their message be put to press. *everything* should be
sacrificed to get the "revenge", "tobacco company bad" meme out.
Otherwise, the murder has no *value*, and is just another senseless

Tony (paraphrase):
> the meme I want to spread is "they were killed for lying for the
> tobacco plc.

But, all that aside, I still think you are directing your attention to
the wrong place. Killing for *lies* is just much to strong a
punsihment. You will stir up sympathy for the tobacco company... ("man,
he was just doing his *job*. He didn't deserve to die for just trying
to sell cigs!") By far the better way to go is something like Eva just
described. Use memes. Culture Jam.


and there was one more lost message too, but I forget what it was...