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Neco and Jeff (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 18:42:35 +0900

Tony Hindle wrote:

> Wow thanks. I have downloaded a mountain of stuff from this
> sight, all of which I will be reading as soon as I get back. Especially
> the stuff on economics which I hope will give me some much needed
> perspectives so I can start ranting about how it is used to keep the
> elite in luxury as they shit ever more furiously on the workers while
> still managing to make them feel giulty for not pulling their weight.

I checked this site out and while I really like the adbusters concept
and agree that advertising has taken too much control of our society,
these guys show a real lack of understanding of how some things in the
world work; particularly their articles on economics. They are more
about simply bitching about the establishment for the sake of bitching
and demonstrate very little real thought our understanding about
economics, how the whole system works and what its problems are. I work
in financial derivatives here in Tokyo and although it could be claimed
that I have a biased view of economics I am certainly not a part of nor
am I trying to defend any sort of elite. I completely agree that income
distribution between,for example, CEOs and workers is way to ufair and a
real problem that needs to be addressed. I just watched Greenspan and
other members of the Fed spend the past 2 days being grilled by the
House and Senate about his monetary policies. The more leftist members
of both houses spent all of their valuable question time bitching at
Greenspan about income inequality in the U.S. Although I wouldn't deny
that Greenspan is a member of the elite, any theory that he is in some
sort of conspiracy with other elites or with the CEOs of the nation to
try and keep workers at low income levels is just paranoid ranting from
people who are too lazy to take the time to really understand how the
world around them works. The simle fact of the matter (and one that,
incredibly, members of the House Banking Committee cannot or do not want
to understand) is that Greenspan and his one simple tool of changing
short term interest rates has absolutely nothing to do with how income
in the U.S. is distributed. This problem is a matter for the House
itself to take up not for the Fed.


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