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Thu, 24 Jul 1997 13:52:24 +0100

Tony Hindle wrote:
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> >Tony wrote:>
> >> But by the same token, wouldnt the motives of the killer be up
> >> for memetic spreading?
> >
> >Like I said, the media aren't going to report it the way you want it.
> I refer you to Eric's conctructive elaborations on my calls for
> ciggy victims to kill....
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> >I agree. You *must* get that meme out there. The killer cannot count
> >on the media to spread his/her message. Notes should be left at the
> >scene of the crime. The criminal should turn him/herself in on the
> >condition that their message be put to press. *everything* should be
> >sacrificed to get the "revenge", "tobacco company bad" meme out.
> >Otherwise, the murder has no *value*, and is just another senseless
> >killing.
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That's the way to get as far as you possibly can, but I'm still not
utterly convinced that the media would put across the right message. I
mean, even is straight statements to the press, they find ways to bend
the truth.

> >> On balance wouldnt the net effect be to the
> >> disadvantage of tabacco plc mind virus?
> >
> >I don't think so, frankly. They've got a captive audience, and no one's
> >going to stop smoking because a tobacco king gets killed,
> This isnt about encouraging people to stop smoking, its about
> discouraging people to work on behalf of the tabacco mind virus.

If this isn't about people not smoking then what's the point? If you
don't care whether people stop smoking or not, then why should you care
that someone's making money out of them smoking?

> > and no tobacco
> >company is going to change their ways because of one incident.
> There is more than one terminally ill lung cancer victim in the
> world.

Yeah. So? You really think that one killing is going to make someone
who's earning X million a year think. "Oh no, I think I'll stop selling

> >Oooh, trying to trap me into defeating my own argument? Why don't you
> >put forward some arguments /for/ my side then, if you're that open
> >minded.
> We must never encourage murder on any grounds, the slippery
> slope argument, people will end up killing one another for more and more
> dubious reasons.

And this reason is one of the most dubious yet. It's revenge on the
most general scale.

> I know a tabacco plc bloke and he is really nice.

I'm supprised you think so judging by the rest of this thread.

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