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Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 11:12:28 -0500

I think your conception of delusion as either "mystification" or
"trance" (if I have understood you correctly) is a very good one.

...(Mystification--reverting to an earlier mindset thus disregarding
> information which is developmentally superior for evaluating the present
> moment: Trance--accepting information from an outside source and acting
> upon it without the developmental prerequisites for internalizing the
> results) (from Robertson)

I personally conceive all delusion as being *passive* in nature. That
is to say that delusion is cowardly, being a step-down from
individuality and responsibility. It is a step down from real
existence. Mystification and trance, as you have described them, have
in common that they are both passive. This "passive" element is what I
have very unpopularly chosen to call "feminine".


Anonymous, I looked at the description of mystification and trance again and I, too, think that it has merits.

I used to call mystification "The" Whore of Babylon (although now, I use the term in a generic sense to mean any mass delusion which people buy into and which gains the force of an independent entity capable of controlling those who have bought into it until the point where it's weaknesses cause it and its adherents to fall thus dispersing it's energy to the next spiritual entity). I have always considered mystification to be feminine but it can be forcibly applied and is therefore not passive to people who actively seek mystification ("wiccans") and "mystics" who actively use it to control others. "Tantrists" use this force in a strange way as well...they build it up then deny it until the force is too strong to be denied anymore and then they are often captured by it. The masses are opiated by this force--ask Marx. Bradshaw attributes it to a bonding with one's mother or other early, safe, objects (it LOOKS like one's mother but is 'ego' and therefore will destroy instead of nurturing and protecting). I call it "shame" leads to denial, repression, and death of the individual.

The active component of delusion ("trance") is masculine. One becomes entranced through idolatry--to desire money, sex, power, fame, social acceptance, etc--to become entranced is to place oneself in a position that is not warranted by the moment. The psyche becomes afraid (produces adrenaline--as opposed to opiate). This force is controlling and destructive and--in spite of what our psychologists tell us--it cannot be balanced by using mystification; it, then, becomes a natural "speed-ball" mixture of heroin/meth-like body chemicals which produces a cocaine-like "anesthetization", anger. One then rushes headlong (trance) into ones death (mystification) without feeling a thing (anesthetization). This opiate/speed/cocaine cycle (as mimicked by the body) is the addictive cycle of the "leads the sheep to slaughter" subtracting their memes from the spiritual gene pool.

The secret is to maintain both an external and internal truth...this allows one to "put on the full armor of God (or 'godliness'--a term I would like to coin to mean the quality of independent replication)" The external truth is honesty which keeps one from getting in over ones head: The internal truth is Truth (with a capitol "T") which maintains an internal consistency. The balance is one of innocence and knowledge whereby one is responsible for not contributing to known destructive acts. Truth requires that one not deny what one knows and honesty requires that one not project ones self onto an external source. Godliness is the characteristic of the child who rises from the ashes of the mother/father pair.


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