Re: virus: Jesus as a Memetic Carpenter

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:38:21 -0500

Wade T.Smith wrote:

> >Anybody know what the latin word for "meaning" is?
> Animus and sensus both apply, as does significatio.

Church of Significtio...

nice. Gotta change that "of", though...

hmmm. French?

Church de Significatio?

maybe... quite a mess of languages now, though...

Church Significatio... yea. I like it. Not only does it mean "Church
of Meaning", but there is also that "memetic command against indirect
attack"... significatio looks like "significant": A Significant Church.
Not to be taken lightly or talked about in vain. And it's got a nice
ring... Thanks, Wade.


Church Significatio... yea.