Re: virus: Tobacco meme's...

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:16:13 +0100

[re adbusters]
>I checked this site out and while I really like the adbusters concept
>and agree that advertising has taken too much control of our society,
>these guys show a real lack of understanding of how some things in the
>world work; particularly their articles on economics.

How do you answer their fundamental criticism. That calculations
of GDP count all interactions as positive (e.g the more car crashes the
better GDP)

Tony Hindle.
there is no demand for food in India because people haven't the money
to buy it. That's crazy! But in traditional economic jargon, that makes
--- Hunter Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

P.S. If you've got cancer, why not kill a tabacco inc propogandist? you
will be doing humankind a favour.