Re: virus: Tobacco vs. Others

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 02:59:32 +0100

In message <01C6061ED9CAD011BFEE00A0249646DB09CAA2@PO>, Marc Swenson
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>It occurs to me that big tobacco is "unfairly" being singled out here.

The Tabacco co's (actually people who get paid to spread tabacco
co. propoganda, this is specific and important) are being singled out
because they produce people who have time to think deeply about their
demise and what actions may be morally justified and are in little
danger from the law.
> But what about the other 99.9% of
>the other major businesses?

There are presumably more complex solutions if we think of them.
Tabacco presents a simple self eliminating solution though.

>Should Nike's executives "swing" because a child's parent chose to
>purchase this year's cross trainer instead of putting food on the table?

Definately not because it would solve nothing. Heres another
meme that might replace the nike status bollox. Actually it was crap,
but I am sure solutions exist.

>Should we burn leaders of the pharmaceutical corporations at the stake
>when they knowingly have natural alternatives at 1/10th the cost yet
>choose to kill people with their products that are more often than not
>toxic in other ways?

No, as I say the Tabacco solution is a stand alone idea.

>I don't believe that advertising is necessarily at fault here (though I
>agree, it is not usually in the public interest). While mis- or
>non-information abounds, the minimal "truths" about tobacco have
>generally not led to the demise of tobacco. At what point is the public
>responsible for informing, and indeed acting upon that information for
>themselves? Minimal courses in memetics as a requirement for schooling,

Sounds good, except I can imagine an arms race evolving,
actually I think it is just a continuation of the red queen effect that
has caused the evolution of consciousness. A good thing I reckon.

Tony Hindle.
Exhileration is the feeling you get just after you have thought
of a brilliant new idea, but just before you have realised what
is wrong with it.