Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus: antivirii

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:57:03 +0100

In message <>, Eric Boyd
<> writes
>Sorry Tony, I just can't see how killing people is going to "save"

What would you do if a maniac was about to machine gun your
whole family and you had a gun pointing at him? Would this be a case of
killing someone to save lives.
One only has to broaden the example and think of the whole world
as ones family to see the logic in my position in this thread.

> This is like those anti-abortionists, "pro-lifers" who will
>physically restrain, beat and sometimes even kill a woman who is going
>to get an abortion... so stupid!

No its not. You havent been thinking this through as much as me.

>A good cause, yes, but the ends *never* justify the means, Tony.

They often do. In this case I believe they do and you dont. What
really matters is how all these memes gell in the mind of a tabacco

I think some of you out there are placing too much importance on
"the directness of the murder" Thats why you defend the tabacco virus
perpetrators and critisise the idea of murdering one of them.
I wonder, do you defend my right to continue spreading the "if
you've got cancer from tabacco kill a tabacco virus perpetrator" meme.
And if a chain of murders resulted I trust I would still be defended for
the same "indirectness" reason.

Tony Hindle.
BTW A 24 week old embryo is not a human being. Your not a human being until your
in my phone book...Bill Hicks.