Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

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Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:27:04 +0100

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>> This isnt about encouraging people to stop smoking, its about
>> discouraging people to work on behalf of the tabacco mind virus.
>If this isn't about people not smoking then what's the point? If you
>don't care whether people stop smoking or not, then why should you care
>that someone's making money out of them smoking?

Its people starting smoking that is my target area. Once people
smoke the nicotine does the tabacco giants work for them by keeping
their customers.
BTW Drakir could you stop smoking if you wanted to? Do you have
an old uncle albert who smoked 40 a day all his life and lived until he
was a hundred by any chance?
>> > and no tobacco
>> >company is going to change their ways because of one incident.
>> There is more than one terminally ill lung cancer victim in the
>> world.
>Yeah. So? You really think that one killing is going to make someone
>who's earning X million a year think. "Oh no, I think I'll stop selling

After the first death becomes public knowledge it will catch on
and spread.
>And this reason is one of the most dubious yet. It's revenge on the
>most general scale.

No not revenge (although I may have been trying to push people's
revenge buttons to encourage them to think about it) its for the greater
good of humankind.

>> I know a tabacco plc bloke and he is really nice.
>I'm supprised you think so judging by the rest of this thread.

Its you Drakir, you are him.

Tony Hindle.
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it was from so sorry if it apears I have ignored one).