Re: virus: IdeoHazard

David McFadzean (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:14:46 -0600

At 06:08 PM 30/07/97 -0500, Eric Boyd wrote:

>Attribution I can do. Would you like just your name? Your web page?
>Words like "The Church of Virus"?

"The Church of Virus" and/or the URL if possible (

>And I beleive in *responsible* freedom. If you beleive in intellectual
>property, I will respect that beleif. But I'm still debating the issue
>with myself. I "want" to "own" my work. But I "want" it to spread.
>But desire is the enemy! And possesions are merely illusions.

I want the Ideohazard to spread too. I just don't want it to become
a symbol of something other than the CoV. That said, it isn't a
registered trademark (yet) and even if it is was I don't have the
resources to enforce it. I'm just relying on the goodwill of
everybody to respect its intended purpose.

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