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Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 15:44:45 +0000

These TV guys must be making the rounds on the web. I just got an e-mail
from the producer of BEYOND asking for info on the goth movement with
the possibility of an on camera interview. I don't know... I'm already
an object of ridicule in the Humanities department for choosing Dracula
as my thesis topic.

But the Church of Virus on TV!! Now that's good television.

Dave. I was hoping to do us a palace Church in the fall, and I can't
free up the time before then. (it's not a true 3d evironment anyway it's
more like an image map--- like MYST)

Yeah-- I could lead a chant for the camera-- maybe we should have a
"memetic cleansing... Richard can "EXPELL the bad memes from your
soul!!!!.... Amen!!) =)

Seriously though I think there are a few good visual hooks already in
the church of virus material.

Dave's morph of the biohazard into the ideohazard will work for tv. An
explanation of the concept of ideohzard would be the v.o.

A screen shot of St Charles Darwin could cut between shots of richard,
tim, kevin, and eva sitting on the steps of one of the many old stone
churches in Seattle. Topic of interview could be the evolutionary model
of memetic theory.

My friend who produces the TV show ALIVE! might have some footage of a
brain and some sparkles that are meant to represent neurons firing in
the cortex... I don't know if he could let that go for free. He owes me
one so I could ask.

KMO Don't miss this opportunity to plug the Lion into the major
networks.... Tim can show his nipple ring.

And, I would issue an invitation to join the disscussion group. Say that
if you mention you saw it on tv, your first month on the list is FREE,
yes FREE!! So sign on now while the offer lasts!

That should cover at least seven minutes.

Good luck.

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