RE: virus: A Rich Inherent Dance

Marc Swenson (
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 11:22:52 -0700

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> >An interesting aspect of this filter, as I am capable of employing it
> at
> >least, is that, although I can note when I hear meme-fragment that
> /I/
> >have used previously, I am unable to detect when I am parroting back
> a
> >fragment that was used by the /other person/ first. Therefore, the
> best I
> >can do in note its trail after it leaves me. I haven't found a way
> of
> >getting past this particular bug yet.
> Methinks this is not necessarily a bug, but merely the evolution of
> dialog and one's personal, conversational dictionary. As part of the
> learning process we humans go through, we pick and choose that which
> we think will be effective at a later date.
> Maybe the "bug" you feel is embarrassment at nicking someone else's
> meme. I doubt it, though. The lifted meme, or mutameme? (meme
> altered for a specific purpose by an external entity?) evolves or
> mutates, and becomes most effective for a given conversation.
> - Marc
> "Life is a meta-experiment..."