Re: virus: Time

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 20:39:05 -0500

tom.holz wrote:

> And sometimes 4 hours isn't enough. I have a lot of activities I would
> like to pursue, and If email takes 2 hours (which it sometimes does, with
> you guys), I find my limited time is the cause/subject of intense
> competition. (memetics, school, taichi, raving, digital art,
> programming...) I'm thinking about focusing one one or two things, but any
> time I choose, units[1] which are not selected put up quite a struggle. My
> head is actually a very violent, topsey turvey kind of place. [is this the
> time to advocate a brodian level3?]

I've found this too: the world is simple to big, to complicated, to take
it all in at once.

So I divide it, and myself. Myself, I divide into four parts: mind,
heart, body, soul. The idea of such a division is to a) order life; b)
enable me to recgonize area's I'm interested in; and c) allow me to
identify weaknesses, that I might strenghtn them.

Balance is the key. Work on each "element" equally, and live a
diversified life.

But I don't have enough time now to do all four, so I'm focussing on
two: mind and soul. About another month, when I return to Queens, I'm
moving back to a quad study.