Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 20:39:07 -0500

Tony Hindle wrote:

> >3) death is actually a memetic *advantage*. That is, the
> > death of t. co. spokepersons might actually lead
> > to increased sales.
> > (just remember the "Death Lights" cigs. in England)
> > -- associating cigs. with death actually "turns on"
> > people of my age, who are *looking* for ways to
> > rebel, to risk themselves.
> Dodgey premise. Are you suggesting kids will become keen to
> become tobacco plc spokespeople.

Yes! Hell Yes! That's one of the best jobs going: high pay, celebrity
status, "cool" factor. And power, frosh.

"Dodgey premise" he says. Dodgey how? All I said was that pushing
peoples "danger" buttons was a really good way to get their attention.
Inform them that t. is dangerous, and you will have convinced them that
t. is worthy of their attention. Once it has their attention, they are
much more vunerable to the t. lords memetic engineers.

> >4) The place to work is not at the source, as you intend, but
> > at the *destintation*. That is, rather than killing the
> > t. spokepersons, thus hoping to curb the t. meme, why
> > not just design a memetic campaign to make their
> > meme's ineffective? That is, make an antibody.
> > (something like Eva mentioned, a while back)
> Because I dont know how.

Bull shit! You are promoting an antibody meme you made yourself now:
"if you are ..."

To bad you arn't a *good* memetic engineer.

You've got to learn your buttons, Tony. Food, sex, danger. Repetition
(you've got this down), "save the children", power, authority,
possesion, investiment principle, reward/punishment, "belonging",

And, of course, you need the ever powerful <faith> <your message here>
<evangalize> construct if you want to really make a difference.

> >5) other's I have forgotten

oh yea: it won't work. Even if you do convice someone to kill, *and*
they do, that accompishes nothing. So a t. lord memetic engineer has
died. They will hire another. (for a cheaper wage, by the way) You've
given them an oppourtunity to hire *fresh* ideas, and a young mind.

That doesn't serve your purpose very well at all.

> Still, even if you dont agree with the killing meme surely you
> must admit that its not really so black and white that this is a bad
> idea.

It seems like a bad idea, to me.