virus: letter to the primate
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:36:52 +0000

Ok. What happens when you get six or seven members of the CoV in a room
at the same time? A reformation.

One of the topics of conversation was the fact that not all virions
agree with the three sins and virtues as they are stated on the

The Seattle council wants to put together a formal letter to David McF.,
the primate of our church asking for a kind of "vatican II" on these

Do we have any support from other individuals/councils out there? I
think we should use a thread to compose a letter and, like Martin
Luther, "nail it to the door" of this discussion list.

The desired outcome is two sets of sins and virtues. Those we have
presently and a new reformed set. We do not want to do away with the
original list completely, those are our orthodox roots-- besides, those
of you who really like them can call yourselves Virion Orthodox.

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