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I had no idea that the word player had that definition. Cool. When I
used it I was referring to all performers. I guess I should have just
said "performer" eh?

You wrote:
There are different ways of looking at cultures...I like a psycho-social
model; which seems to indicate that thought arrises out of the
between the individual and the culture (ONE culture, ONE individual).
different groups that arrise are then seen as individuals expressing
developmental stage of understanding and finding that stage already
represented in one form or another in the culture.

I'll tell you what caused me to ask about your use of the word
sub-culture. It was a very widely read little book from the eighties
called "Subculture: the Meaning of Style". This little read was an
anthropological study of teddy boys, bikers, hippies, yippies and punks.

Other readings that I have encountered that have to do with difference
and marginalization in our "one" culture focus on what is often termed
"subcultures". I'm thinking of essays on "The History of Black Hair:
from the Konk to Dreads." Although there is no fixed usage of the term
subculture, it is often used to mean a culture that grows inside a
dominant culture and uses that cultures resources to comment on it or
invert a dominant text. One marker many people use for these is the
development of a kind of lingo-- not a technical lingo that gets
developed out of a need to produce-- but a kind of playful "secret
language" rife with codes that only those on the "in" can identify.

So I guess I'm not really talking about a developmental model, but a
kind of "honeycomb model" (I just made that up so if it sounds stupid
it's my fault). I guess what I'm getting at is that it is hard to map
culture as a thing with unity, because we are actually in contact with
many cultures.

Thanks for commenting on my model...but don't put too much faith in
response. It was not well thought out, just some isolated observations.

Me: Hey. Who has time to think these days? And how do you know when it's
thought "out"?

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