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A child who laughs at toileting in society is laughing in release of shame
(the mother) and fear (the father). The laugh, then, must be the child
developing...defending himself against the defensiveness of the mother's
destructiveness of the father and the father's destructiveness of the mother
(for the fear/shame that the child feels is not directed at the child who is
developing but toward the child who is
mother-shaming-father/father-fearing-mother, the child as he sees himself
through the internal representation of himself AS mother/father). "Ha" is
relief/release (yes, a *choke*): "Ah" is growth.

Toilet training is an example of this process of language development, or
just development (and "climbing" is probably a better shows
subject/object/perspective like toileting but in response to "not-me/tree"
instead of "not me/parent" and therefore a *natural* consequence--escaping
from preditor-- as opposed to an un-natural consequence--mother will shame
and daddy will fear). BUT, fossilized records of fecal matter could be a
good ordered trail of this as well (for non-language purposes).

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>When a child is between three and five, approximately, laughter is a near
>constant noise from their throats, and a smile the most common


>Well, to follow up on a previous, and as yet unanswered thread, (I did
>post that here, didn't I....), because they can go to the toilet by

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