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Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 19 Aug 97 07:54:57 -0400

>How many more can you glean from assuming (if only for the sake of
>argument): These people had a belief (right or wrong) that was more
>important to them than their own lives.
>Understand the difference?

Yes, I do, actually. It is a slightly different direction than I thought
I was looking, but I can turn my head....

>Now back to the question you *could* have asked (if not for the bias):
>Assuming that Shaman are working under the belief that what they are doing
>is good and vital for both their clients and their culture, *why would
>they withhold information?*

Then why do they? Is that not as important a question? That is my
question, actually. I think they do, from my perspective. What
information have they given you when you've asked, or any investigator,
or what source of information have they revealed or offered?

I have always considered the beliefs of the culture irrelevant to this
issue, in the same way the beliefs of any scientist are irrelevant to his
discoveries. (In most cases belief hinders the discovery, but that is
another issue....) If a shaman (or whoever) persists in thinking 'chi'
has anything to do with anything, there may still be a serendipitous
presentation of causes for an effect. The shaman will have done some
work. Will he impart to all and sundry, through general communication,
the results of this happenstance? Would a scientist?

You tell me. Why would anyone keep beneficial knowledge secret?

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