Re: virus: Re: shaman

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 16:14:00 +0100

Wade T.Smith wrote:
>>Assuming that Shaman are working under the belief that what they are
>>is good and vital for both their clients and their culture, *why would
>>they withhold information?*
>Then why do they? Is that not as important a question? That is my
>question, actually. I think they do, from my perspective. What
>information have they given you when you've asked, or any investigator,
>or what source of information have they revealed or offered?

I think a fundamental problem here is the assumption that
information is an essential tool. For science it is, but not
necessarily elsewhere. Seems to me that in things like
shamanism, skills are far more important than info. It's
a combination of intuition and experience, none of which
needs to be articulatable(?). Shamans (The Shamen is
something else -- well, partly!) are not inducted by being
given books to read, they are initiated by being put
through an experience. They don't gain information so
much as change their personalities. How to put that
into words? Impossible, I'd guess. And precisely the
same applies to all mystical-type stuff. No amount of
information can substitute for experience.