Re: virus: Re: shaman

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 18:32:05 -0500

Robin Faichney wrote:

> I think a fundamental problem here is the assumption that
> information is an essential tool. For science it is, but not
> necessarily elsewhere. Seems to me that in things like
> shamanism, skills are far more important than info. It's
> a combination of intuition and experience, none of which
> needs to be articulatable(?). Shamans (The Shamen is
> something else -- well, partly!) are not inducted by being
> given books to read, they are initiated by being put
> through an experience. They don't gain information so
> much as change their personalities. How to put that
> into words? Impossible, I'd guess. And precisely the
> same applies to all mystical-type stuff. No amount of
> information can substitute for experience.


My point exactly!