Re: virus: Science

Wade T. Smith (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 12:37:54 -0400

>"Science, and the scientist, have a culture (like any shaman)
>which they can step outside of and perish."
>Go ahead, find the contradiction. But beware the consequences of
>the search.

Well, I can't see it then. Science, to me, is a product of observation, and
as such is cultureless, extra-culture, supra-culture, whatever.

It will serve one well regardless of kith, kin, or political affiliation.

It is also a kissing cousin to skepticism in my axiomatic environment.

Until I can see some extra-cultural evidence that shamanism does squat, I
remain within the conclusion that shamanism is culture-dependent. I am
willing to change focus on both fronts here. I am willing to confront the

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