Re: virus: Un-natural De-selection

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 09:31:22 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> This is the crux of my argument: That all things are related; that we
> cannot speak of genes having no intent and humans as having intent. Unless
> you can say where intent arrises from, the discussion will not go beyond
> this point.

How about consciousness. IMHO, intent arises out of consciousness.
Without consciousness there are mechanisms that function and outcomes, but
no "intent". Only form and function.

> What is intent? Is it will to live, is it desire for desire,
> is it cooperative effort, is it a memetic pattern which "prefers" one
> adaptation over another? Or, do humans not have intent?

This has the makings of a whole new thread about it.

> I still say that
> if the human can choose then there is choice at the level of the gene.
> If the carrot is food for humans, then there is nutritive substance in the
> carrot; therefore, the entity which relates to seed as humans relate to
> carrots MUST be able to use the carrot/seed in exactly the same way as
> humans use the carrot/seed; for carrot or seed the nutritive value is
> either there or it is not. It does not arrise magically!

Okay, you're on! I'll eat a diet of just carrots and you eat a diet of
just carrot seed and we'll see who lasts longer.

The whole is more than just the sum of the parts, Brett!!! Don't forget

-Prof. Tim