virus: Re: shaman
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 09:28:19 +0000

Tim Wrote:
(This is the point, Wade, where the scientificly trained white
anthropologist throws up his hands and, declaring it all a sham, goes
home to his safe, simple suburban home.)

Tim has hit a rather glaring nail here. I have been offline and my
reading of this thread has lapsed somewhat. But as well as I remember
there has been no attentioon paid to this very phenomenon-- how cultural
experiences/institutions are recorded and by whom. I think it's
significant. I'm fairly sure there are some anthropology people on the
list. Anyone reading today?

This arguement is going in circles, my personal feeling is that it is
next to useless to try to determine whether a cultural phenomenon has
any basis in science. It reminds me of an amusing pseudo-documentary I
saw while doing research on the Gothic form. The announcer
asked,"Vampires: Are they real or a figment of the imagination?"
That's not even an interesting question. It doesn't even make me want to
think. I would like to see a "why" somewhere in that question.

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