virus: Re: shaman
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 09:42:08 +0000

Wade said:

And what will I end up with? I'll be a shaman. What will I have done of
worth for any generation to come, or for a stranger, or another culture?

I find it funny that you think of the information a shaman has as
"trade-oriented". My assumption has always been that a shaman's role is
a little more multifaceted than simply opening up a shaman school.

That's a bit like saying one should never attend the theatre unless they
want to be turned into an actor.

You've made a totally airtight arguement here Wade. As an outside ear, I
would have to say you've blown Tim right out of the water with your

*You* could spend fifty years with a shaman and *you* would produce
nothing. *You'd* give nothing to a stranger or another culture because
you would end up with nothing to give. You are absolutely right.

But I have to ask now, because I have totally lost the gist of the
thread... what shamans are we talking about? What specific practices and
in what specific culture? What costs and to what community? Who are we
discussing? What are we deconstructing? It seems like it is getting
constructed on the fly.

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