Re: virus: 'Meaning of Life' Memes

D.H.Rosdeitcher (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 12:33:03 -0400

Melody wrote:
I wrote:
>> Does
>> having a view that we "make up" our own 'meaning of life' lead to a
sense of
>> meaninglessness?

>I think it did for me, until I found my niche - my preferred way of
accessing the
>subconscious on a deep level (reverse speech analysis - for more
information see
> The more I listen (by using a computer
audio >program)
>to what the unconscious projects holographically via language from the
>non-rational" side of the brain, the more I feel a subtle shift in my own
>consciousness taking place, and the less I "thirst" for spiritual

So, you're saying it's the shift in consciousness that's the key to
escaping meaninglessness as opposed to trying to find meaning from a state
of consciousness from which you can't find meaning.

>I think that Carl Jung got things started in actually spotting the
potential of
>finding meaning by initiating the theory of the collective unconscious.
To find
>out that you really aren't alone, that you share consciousness on a deep
level with
>all other humans is very fullfilling.

I don't think our consciousness is very collective--I think we're on
completely different head trips. Sometimes the way we think is so different
that it's almost impossible to communicate.

>It answers one of the inescapable 'facts' of
>existentialism - loneliness. To find it validated in your own life is
even more
>fulfilling. When I do a reverse analysis on someone and find that they are
>about something "intuitively" known about myself - I hear them speak in
>about actual facts, names, places, etc., that they couldn't possibly know
about -
>then I see the very tangible link there on the unconscious plane and it
hits me on a
>primal feeling level I didn't know experientially before.

Reverse speech seems really interesting--it might be fun to try. But is it
possible that you might be filtering out what they're saying to fit it in a
way that makes sense to you? I used to read tarot cards and sometimes I
could swear that the cards were telling me things--specific things like
"this guy is running from the law and he will eventually get caught in
Arizona", which turned out to have referents in what I consider objective
reality outside my imagination. But sometimes it seemed like it was just my
imagination creating stories that might be true. it's like creating meaning
arbitrarily. How can you test something like RS and what can you predict
from it?

--David R.