Re: virus: Re: The essence of all soullessness

Ron Patterson (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 15:12:36 -0500

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> >> Here is another interesting question: What would happen if you found
> >> yourself living in a community of idiots who all believed that 2+2=5?

> >> Would you accept such a belief as being true?
> >Yes. It would be true, but not mathematically accurate. Truth is
> >subjective, mathematics is not... (Anonomous in response)
Well now, if we are going to redefine the word "true" to mean something
that is obviously "false", then what word are we going to use to define
what is true?

Belief is subjective, truth is not. Facts of science, like facts of
mathametics may be misinterpeted and what is false may be believed to be
true. They are, nevertheless, still false. When everyone believed the
world to be flat, the world did not oblidge and become flat just to make
everyone's subjective belief true.

Ron Patterson