Re: virus: sound byte

Nathaniel Hall (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 15:03:26 -0600

KMO wrote:
> Nate, when you introduced yourself to me you claimed to know quite a bit
> about philosophy. I find this claim hard to reconcile with the fact
> that you've never encountered the consequentialist/deontological
> debate.

Come to think of it I have come across this before. It just seemed so
obvious to me that good deeds required good will combined with good
knowledge, I simply forgot about those who argued otherwise. I do know
that Kant concluded that telling the truth is always good so therefore
if a Nazi were to ask if I were hiding some jews, I'd have to say yes if
I was. A patently wrong response which is why I had forgotten about it.
Kind of like of like the rants of conspiracy nuts, something which I
dismiss without much further thought.