Re: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 10:00:45 -0600

David R wrote:
> The Objectivist way of "validating" knowledge makes a clear example of how
> people tend to look to an authority for certainty. In this case the
> authority is "the senses". In Popper's system, which makes the most sense
> to me right now, is that you don't use anything to justify what you think,
> including the senses, since the senses do not always give reliable
> information. Instead you disprove a theory by trying to knock it down by
> criticizing or testing.

I have a theory : Water boils at -40 C. Lets do an experiment here.
Hummm? What's this? Seems to be a block of ice that's not doing
anything! Ah but I know can't trust my senses, no less an authority than
Popper tells me I'm falling prey to authority! I best not throw that
theory out then, afterall I know I can't trust what my senses are
telling me! It's funny though, even though I've yet to throw anything
out I seem to be getting nowhere! That's O.K. it's just my senses
fooling me again so I know I'm progressing just fine!
The Nateman