virus: If your so smart why arn't you rich?

Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 10:44:28 -0600

> Questions: Do people with the meme "existence exists" in their heads, have
> advantages (ie. financial,social) over people without that meme in their
> heads?

This question is more difficult than it seems. People often do things
without themselves really know why they are doing it. For example for
all the people who are attacking the validity of the senses do they
really LIVE by that belief? When such an individual attempts to cross a
busy street do they say: Oh I can just ignore that oncoming truck and
walk right out into the street because I know that my senses are just
fooling me! , or ,do they instead look both ways, make sure the coast is
clear and then TRUSTING THIER SENSES walk to the other side of the
street? I say because they are still alive they are LIVING what I've
been saying even if the whole time they have been arguing againest it!