virus: Evil KMO

Sun, 14 Sep 1997 11:02:05 -0700

Tad wrote:

> To paraphrase: When I met you, KMO, you claimed you were a nice guy.

I doubt that I made any claim to being a nice guy when we met. You may
have formed the impression that I am a nice guy based on my speech and
demeanor, or Richard may have told you that I'm a nice guy, but I would
be very surprised to learn that I had made that explicit claim myself.

> I find
> this claim hard to reconcile with the fact that you wrote the above.

Fair enough.

> Get an
> intro to some basic life skills.

Can you recommend a source? I've a stack of half-read books by my bed,
and I don't know when I'll have time to finish them, but I'd gladly add
another to the stack if it carries your recommendation.

> I don't mean to be mean. Why don't you just say what the problem is
> and
> leave Nathaniel out of it.

THE problem?

> Working too hard or something?

I did leave work with what I take to be the flu a couple of hours after
I sent that post, and I am home sick today. If I had an instinct for
self-preservation, I'd get away from this machine right now. BUT, while
over-work, job-disatisfaction, or illness can effect my mood and thus
color the tone of what I write, none of these things motivated me to
send a post to the virus list in response to ill-informed dismissals of
important ethical systems by parties who, I increasingly suspect, have
no first hand experience with the material they have condemed.

> Can we help somehow?

Perhaps you can serve as an examplar after which I can model my own
social interactions. Perhaps you can aid me with the benefit of your
good example, Tad.

Take care. -KMO