Re: virus: Re: The saga continues!

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:21:56 -0700

Tim wrote:
>On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>> #2 can never be confirmed (by definition). For example: Level-3 with MS
>> Flip software (Level-3 can still be #1 but the "flip" component puts it
>> in #2).
>Huh? I think I missed something about the "flip" in past posts (if that's
>were it's from). What "flip" are you talking about?

No, you didn't. 8 minutes ago you wrote:
"But then, I'm on Level-3 and have that flexibility. :-)"

That's exactly what the "flip" is about
(it's called MS Flip when you get to Level-4).

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