RE: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

David McFadzean (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 09:16:03 -0600

At 09:43 AM 9/25/97 +0100, Robin Faichney wrote:

>BTW, I have to say, at the risk of reopening old
>wounds, that you seem to be generalising
>"objective" in exactly the way you generalise
>"rational", to the point where, it seems to me,

Imagine my frustration. Should I make up new words?

>these words lose their usefulness. I.e., in this
>case, "objectively real" in your mouth seems to
>mean no more than "real" in anyone else's.

That is hard to believe, since I tried to explain what
I meant by "objectively real" and there is no consensus
on what everyone else means by "real". How could they
be the same?

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