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>On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

B>> I've been trying for 2 months to get across the idea that if it happens
>> on a behavioral level it happens at the cellular level

T>If that has been your effort over the last couple months, it has been less
>than successful. Please explain the mechanism at work in this process.

>-Prof. Tim

According to Pragmatism and from my comments on William James,

This world [reality], just like the world of percepts, comes to us at first
as a chaos of experiences, but lines of order soon get traced. We find that
any bit of it which we may cut out as an example is connected with distinct
groups of associates, just as our perceptual experiences are, that these
associates link themselves with it by different relations,(2) and that one
forms the inner history of a person, while the other acts as an impersonal
'objective' world, either spatial and temporal, or else merely logical or
mathematical, or otherwise 'ideal'.... [James] speaks of how--if viewed as a
singularity-- consciousness appears to first be historical context without
content, "at first as a chaos of experiences": I would like to make the
connection between this chaotic jumble and the theory of natural selection
(both appearing as a chance combination of experiences). Then, James states
that (like perceptual experiences), "these associates link themselves" into
an objective phenomenon, or thing. (from,From: Brett Lane
Robertson <> Subject: Re: virus: Consciousness Revisited
(was: Un-natural De-selection), Fri, 22 Aug 1997)

...the mechanism at work would appear to be "associates" linked by "order"
in the form of an "objective phenomenon, or thing" according to "relations"
which are "either spatial and temporal, or else merely logical or
mathematical, or otherwise 'ideal'"; or, "percepts" linked by "the inner
history of a person" which forms "consciousness" from "historical context".

Translated, this suggests that an objective phenomenon (behavior) is a thing
which is understood from it's historical context (as a cell is understood
from it's historical context...the two historical contexts being the same at
some point); whereby the thing which is cell and the thing which is behavior
have in common an objective history, "development"--so that the development
of one can be compared to the development of the other perfectly...that is,
"development" is an objective process which manifests through both the cell
and behavior perfectly.

If we see something at the behavioral level, there is an association at the
cellular level.


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