Re: virus: Social Metaphysics

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 16:20:52 -0700

David McFadzean wrote:
>I do believe that there are stars
>that are only a few hundred years old existing right at this
>moment that no-one will detect for thousands of years because
>they are thousands of lightyears away from the nearest possible
>observer. I'm quite sure all working astrophysicists would
>agree with me.

This is slightly out of topic: What do you mean by "right at this moment"?
If I understand Einstein's theory of relativity correctly, it will take us
thousands of years to see those stars, true, but the photons from these
stars will need no time to get here (when you travel with the speed of light
the time does not change). This always puzzled me and may help in this
"what's real" discussion.

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