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David McFadzean (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 09:19:56 -0600

At 09:48 AM 10/1/97 +0100, Robin Faichney wrote:
>> From: Richard Brodie[]
>> On Sunday, September 28, 1997 11:58 AM, David McFadzean
>> [] wrote:
>> > I was using logic to talk about reality. I agree only statements can
>> be
>> > true or false. That doesn't mean they have no relation to reality.
>> In fact,
>> > their truth value, if the statement is contingent, comes precisely
>> from
>> > their relation to reality.
>> I would say their truth value comes from their relation to other
>> statements/definitions about reality.
>Absolutely classic subjectivist vs objectivist.
>Truth is relationship to reality: correspondence theory
>of truth, objectivist.
>Truth is relationship to other statements: coherence theory
>of truth, subjectivist.

I think I am being misrepresented here. I said the truth of statement
comes from its relation to reality *if it is a contingent statement*.
Otherwise it comes from its relationship to other statements and
definitions. And to head off another misrepresentation before it
happens, that does not mean that definitions and logical relationships
are not important for contingent statements as well.

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