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>>WHO gains enlightenment (surely not you) if enlightenment is gained but
>>you've given up your self or "will" (what profits a man if he gains the
>>world and loses his soul)?

>There is no world to gain, there is no soul to lose.
>It is not possible to gain enlightenment without giving up your 'self'.
>The delusion of separate selfhood is part of what keeps us unenlightened.
>Who gains enlightenment will be the core of reality (awareness) which is
>presently occluded by the illusion of 'Anonymous'.



I'm sorry...that (Anonymous' answer above) translates in the bodily kingdom
as: "Go kill yourself (for the group)". Sacrifice is one of two answers
and not the one I choose.

The flipside of the coin (opposite martyrdom, above) is saviorhood...which
translates: "Go kill everyone to survive as yourself". This is also not
the one I choose.

The combination of the two above answers (which I say is pre-existing, not a
result of dependent arising) is "Truth". Both the martyr and the savior
disown the objective--the martyred savior finds he must do "something", the
saved martyr finds he must be "something". Getting this distinction one
understands that they are both a "doer" and a "being" of-and-for an
objective something, Truth, which exists independently of what one does and
who one is (From "Distinctionary"

We are born with an essence which includes an existence (the "do"er) and a
continuance (the "being"). Using existence and being we discover
"Self"--which is "incarnation". Living through "Self", we become a
"manifestation" of Truth. Seeking the ideal Truth and falling short of it
we grow and develop..."ascending" toward unity, and incarnating greater
truths. Becoming a more complex example of our self (being "fruitful"), we
prune away the complex form..."creation" occurs. We then find the seed of
our True Self and "multiply" ourselves, replicate. We do this because we
exist and because we exist with a "purpose" (purpose--to exist, to have
being...our purpose is to incarnate, to manifest, to ascend, to create, to
be fruitful and to multiply).


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