Re: virus: Meme, the Underlying Cause

Marie Foster (
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 12:20:16 -0700

Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:

> Eva,
> who regrets replying to this at all, but doesn't take being insulted so
> well that she's going to sit quietly for it.

Eva... Thank you for your response. I was so stunned when I read it I
did not know what to think. Having joined this list only recently and
having a sexually unambiguous name I recognized that my gender would be
assummed. But I also have no idea who anyone is on the list... I try to
take things on face value and try not to guess at anyones motivations.

MY only motive for joining the list was for furthering my understanding
of some of the issues in memetics. If this is not the appropriate list
for my involvement, please someone email me privately. I will be glad
to go elsewhere.

One of the things that I did not do upon entry to the list is to tell
you about me. I have not seen other posts doing so, and I have been
trying to not offend any protocol.

If anyone is interested, a short bio follows. If not hit the delete.

age - 51
gender - female

occupation Computer Technical Specialist

I have a BA from Whitworth College + graduate level work at various

I have owned my own personal computer since 1978 and was an early member
of the Source.

Despite my ongoing interest in the physical sciences, my undergraduate
degree was in English Literature but I continue to learn all I can about
anything that interests me and consider myself teachable because I know
that I am the only one who can teach ME anything...

I try to keep from placing my values on anyone else, but I tend to be
critical of arguments that smack of elitism - intellectual, cultural,