virus: I have returned

Nathaniel Hall (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 01:49:00 -0600

D.H.Rosdeitcher wrote: If we accept the axiom that our conscious ability

> to reason is valid, then it follows that no one can construct a virus which
> can over-power our ability to reason.

This is not so. The choice to use reason is not automatic. If one can convince
someone not to use reason or that something higher can be obtained by
"stepping outside of the logic box" (Jesus is Lord for example) you've got
yourself a rather nasty viral infection coming!

> How do you reconsile the axiomatic
> acceptance of conscious reasoning with the possibility that a virus can get
> engineered to wipe out reasoning?

Free will. One can choose if they are going to use their mind or not.

> Another question: If, you cannot find a cure for the virus, doesn't that
> imply, according to your theory, that rationality is inadequate to combat
> irrationality? On the internet ideas get spread by persuasion, but not
> force. If you cannot spread reason by persuasion, the only alternative is
> force. Doesn't this imply that using violence against people who you think
> are spreading the MS flip software might be an option?

Force is perfectly acceptable provided it's done in self defense. Folks of the
non-reason persuasion feel perfectly fit to use it on others. Give them a taste
of there own medicine.

The Nateman