Re: virus: I have returned

Nathaniel Hall (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 20:40:40 -0600

> >
> Let's just follow that line of reasoning, using an example:
> I said we need to "step outside of the logic box"
> sometimes, so presumably that makes me one of the
> "folks of the non-reason persuasion", therefore I "feel
> perfectly fit" to use violence on others, and should be
> given a taste of my own medicine?

If your not using reason to deal with others what are you using? Folks of
the non reason persuasion's favorite method is to get someone else to
preform thier violence for them. They work to get unreasonable laws passed
and the armed forces of the state to carry out thier will. People who are
offended by "The Santanic Verses" for example may not themselves kill Salmon
Rushdie if they see him but we see what the wieght of thier unreasonable
opinion has produced.The Nateman