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Nathaniel Hall (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 21:55:55 -0600

Chardin wrote:

> This seems like a good time for me to jump in and introduce myself.
> I've been reading the postings for a day or so, trying to understand
> the direction of the dicussions. I was attracted to a description of
> your list which I took to be a discussion of beliefs vs. reality.
> Also, I recently read the article by Richard Dawkins "Viruses of the
> Mind" the gist of which--I will say up front-- I disagree. I suspected that the "virus" you
> all were discussing might be one and the same, though I am still not
> sure. It seems that I have been eavesdropping on a family feud, but
> I guess that is the way most lists are. If you mean, like Dawkins, a
> person suffers from a virus if he has some sort of religious belief
> (manifestation of the virus) and you refer to that as "illogical"
> then perhaps I understand what you mean. Otherwise, I would
> appreciate it if you would kindly inform me.

A virus is good, bad or neutral depending on it's content. To be a virus is simply an idea which
can be spread to others.

> I enjoy a good debate and am especially interested in beliefs vs.
> reality and "how we know what we know." Also, while I think the
> scienifitic method is good, I feel that science and scientists have
> become the new "religion" and priests of our age.

Religion is a belief system with faith considered as a legitimate means to knowledge. Faith is a
belief independent of logic or the senses. Science would be better described as an "ideology or
philosophy" rather than a religion because science by it's very nature is opposed to faith.

> Do you think I can find a
> place to vent and exchange ideas on this site or am I way out in left
> field? If I understand correctly, one does not have to be
> a professional philosopher to partake in these discussions. Cathy Hardin

I'm not a philosopher but I play one on TV. Seriously , I was kind of drafted into this list
myself. I sent KMO an E-Mail commenting on his web site and he kind of pulled me into this list
because I believe I'm fighting the good fight here. (KMO appears to be my intellectual opposite)
It forces you to sharpen your mind if you insist on taking a stand. One does not last long in a
battle of wits if one is unarmed! If you truly want an exhilarating intellectual ride hang on
for all your worth because these folks are sharp! It may in fact be so addicting that you may
want to quit. It's too much of a rush!

The Nateman, self-ordained "Priest" of objectivism.