Re: virus: MS Weapon

Marie Foster (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 08:34:50 -0700

Paul Prestopnik wrote:
> > David McF wrote:
> >
> > > Can we all agree on this
> > >much: "patterns exist"? (Actually I'm not at all
> > >sure how Richard would answer that question.)
> >
> > You (David McF.) seem to think patterns exist "out there"--that they are
> > intrinsic to matter, while Richard seems to think they are conjured up
> > purely in the mind--a subjective phenomenon. I think patterns are a
> > function of the mind but that they get limited and influenced by a
> reality
> > "out there". --David R.
> Do you mean that patterns do not exist "out there"? Any order we see is
> project outwards?
> Or do you mean some patterns which we see may exist, while others we
> create; or even that patterns may exist, but they may not be the ones we
> are able to observe?
> (I'm interested in everyone's answer { well almost everyone's :o) } )
> -Paul Prestopnik

I believe that energy exists. How patterns are woven from that energy
is what I have been spending a life trying to sort out.

Still sorting...