Re: virus: Logic

Nathaniel Hall (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 18:16:45 -0600

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Nathaniel Hall wrote:
> > Not at all. I claim values are objective not subjective. The trick is to
> > have an understanding of reality to the point that your values are close
> > to objectivity if not right in sync.
> Wow, your way out there, Nateman. Do you think YOU know enough about
> objective reality at this point in time to base your values on it? What
> if you we wrong? What about in the past, say 200 years ago when...
> > Slavery was for a large part of human history an accepted norm.
> What if what your basing YOUR morals on turns out to be just as wrong in
> 200 years?

My views are already way out of the mainstream. I don't think I have to worry
about a particular time or culture. I'd be hated and despised by most of them
I reckon.

> Why in NOW the first time humans have understood objective
> reality enough to get the moral answers right? Why not 200 years ago?
> Why not until 200 years FROM now?

Who would have believed that we'd be alive at the time when the first life of
any kind from this planet walked upon another world? There has to be a certain
point when if there is a truth that can be known that one stumbles upon it. I
think Aristotle got metaphysics and epistemology correct all the way back in
600 B.C. My viewpoints mirror much of what was being said 300 years ago during
the enlightenment. I don't know when someone figured out 2 + 2 = 4 but I'm
positive that even 1000 years from now that will still be true.

> I once heard it said, "Patriotism is the belief that your country is the
> best by virtue of you being born in it."

Until the Chinese took it over my favorite country was actually Hong Kong.
(Only 10% tax no matter how much you made!) . I never even been within a 1000
miles of the place.

> Is there a era-centric word analogous to "patriotism", Nateman?
> In 200 years will your ancestors talk about your views will they say:
> > (Did) you honestly believe then that it was moral and good?

That only applies to folks close to the mainstream, and as you said above:
"Wow, your way out there, Nateman."
The evil bad freaky way out there Nateman.