Re: virus: Teflon vs. Hardon

Nathaniel Hall (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 18:32:02 -0600

chardin wrote:

> Well, Reagan did put on a good show. You couldn't hate Reagan, even
> if you didn't like his policies. His policies were: "bigger is
> better", "We're rich we can do as we please," "Hear our saber
> rattle, if you don't like it, we'll kick your butt."
> "I wouldn't let those Iranians push me around like that ignorant
> southern boy --you just let them kill some of our boys while I am in
> power....yes, Ronnie, and you'll do what? Well, you didn't do it.
> I thought his rhetoric was interesting and kept the Soviets scared to death to have such a
> madman in the Whitehouse. But I can't say he did the country any
> good.

The Soviet Union is history. Even it's own past leaders give Reagan credit. I think that did us
alot of good.

> As for Hillary, she is intelligent and educated, two features in a
> woman which tend to intimidate some of our "weaker" breathern, hhmmm Nateman?

Ayn Rand was a women. Educated and very intelligent. She was most definately not a Marxist. What
do I care about someone's special equipment? (Unless of course I intend to use it!)

> I'm
> sure you would prefer to spend the afternoon with Nancy who could
> bring you up to date on the lastest readings of her astrologer.
> Hardin-- the name is Hardin "Hardon" is the name my husband swears his girlfriends called him
> before we married!

He dosn't think the White House is a neat place to meat girls does he?The dirty old Nateman.