virus: my evil twin

Thu, 09 Oct 1997 10:20:50 -0700

Nate wrote, "My point isn't that Bubba is good ... my point is that your
statement "You knew what Reagan stood for" may be true for me, but
certainly isn't true for his supporters that took his rhetoric at face
value. Perhaps you would
care to let me know what you think Reagan stood for and we'll see how
your ideas jibe with history."

Nate, I don't think you're my intellectual oposite on EVERY issue. And
yeah, a choice between Al Gore, Jack Kemp, and Ross Perot ain't no
choice at all.

The voter-choice-analogy that resonates with me goes a little sumthin'
like this:

You're riding in a car. You are not driving, nor can you speak directly
to the driver. The car has a stereo with two preset stations (sometimes
three). You get to choose which button to push, or better yet, you and
the other passangers get to put to a vote the question of which preset
radio-station to listen to. Turning off the radio is not an option, and
any claim that the act of pushing one of the two buttons has no impact
on the course the car takes will get you denounced as an irresponsible
nihilist who is just making excuses for the fact that he's too lazy to
push either button.

BTW the subject line is a song reference. I know at least Eva will get