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Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:27:25 -0400

Richard Brodie wrote:

> On Thursday, October 9, 1997 10:31 PM, Gregory Thomas
> [] wrote:
> > As a newcomer to the list I have asked for help in understanding the
> > terminology and have gotten some excellent support from Tadeusz
> (Tad)
> Niwinski.
> >
> > After reviewing some of the historical discussion on MS Flip and
> Level 2,
> > Level 3 differences, my initial thought is that Level 3 would not do
> well
> in a prisoner's
> > dilemma test where there was any kind of information sharing between
> participants.
> Since a Level-3 player can adopt any useful strategy, his
> participation
> would be a superset of a Level-2 player, so I don't get your point.
> > Maybe Level 3 adaptability would work in a limited test where the
> Level 3
> individual temporarily
> > adopted a set strategy for the period of the test, but as you apply
> it to
> life,
> > constantly shifting paradigms (as in Level 3) would lead to lack of
> trust. Trust is
> > important, and leads to access to additional resources, a clear
> survival
> > and power benefit. (If you trust someone, you might lend them
> money,
> etc.)
> Well. In the first place, reaching Level 3 doesn't mean you discard
> your
> values or integrity. On the contrary, you can reprogram your silly
> random
> memes to support your values. In the second place, it's the APPEARANCE
> of
> trust that leads to all the goodies you mention, and a Level-3 player
> can
> generally fool enough of the people enough of the time to get what she
> wants.
> >
> > On the other hand, specific goal seeking behavior leads to high
> levels of
> > trust. This is someone you can count on.
> I agree. As someone once told me, enlightened people make lousy
> employees.
> Hire Level-2ers.
> >
> > So is Level 3 specific goal seeking or adaptable paradigms?
> >
> > And, what is the repines of Level 3 to a iterated prisoner's
> dilemma?
> >
> I don't know what this means.
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I never studied the specific level structure you people are using,
but did devise my own about fifteen years ago that seems very similar.
What you call level 3, I would call level 5. Good enough though. If
Level 3 is enlightenment, as in self programming and capable of shifting
between reality tunnels, I'm in. This terminology conversion is working
out fine. As a self-programming person, I can take on almost any
appearance and use language (body and verbal) as a tool to manipulate
others. The only problem here is that I definately have certain values
that limit my tampering with the minds of others, hopefully all of us
do. This came from experience after wrecking a couple of others lives
first. Be careful with the fragile ones.